2019 NWSC Absolute Divisions & Cash Prizes!!!

We will be awarding beautiful championship belts to all Absolute winners in Men’s BLUE, PURPLE, BROWN, BLACK BELT, as well as INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED NO-GI divisions. In the women’s divisions, championship belts will be awarded to the winners of BLUE/PURPLE and BROWN/BLACK BELT, as well as BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED NO-GI.

We are also stoked to announce that we will once again be awarding over $2,000 in cash prizes to all Absolute division winners in Men’s Purple, Brown, Black Belt, and Advanced No-Gi, as well as Women’s Brown/Black, and Advanced No-Gi categories!!!

The cash prize breakdown is as follows-


  • Purple Belt Absolute: $300
  • Brown Belt Absolute: $400
  • Black Belt Absolute: $500
  • Advanced No-Gi: $300


  • Brown/Black Belt Absolute: $300
  • Advanced No-Gi: $300

To be eligible for the cash prize, participants must have competed in their weight division prior to Absolute. We hope to see some exciting, high level jiu-jitsu competitors step up for a chance to win!!!

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