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Exciting Changes in Store For 2018!!!

We will once again be awarding beautiful championship belts to all Absolute winners in Men’s WHITE, BLUE, PURPLE, BROWN, BLACK BELT, as well as BEGINNER, INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED NO-GI divisions. We are also excited to announce the addition of two more Absolute divisions for the Women! Championship belts will now be awarded to the winners of WHITE/BLUE, PURPLE/BROWN/BLACK BELT, as well as BEGINNER/INTERMEDIATE, and ADVANCED NO-GI divisions.

We are also stoked to announce that we will once again be awarding cash prizes to all Absolute division winners in Men’s Purple, Brown, Black Belt, and Advanced No-Gi!


We will also be awarding cash prizes to the Absolute division winners in the WOMEN’S PURPLE/BROWN/BLACK BELT, and ADVANCED NO-GI categories!!!

The cash prize breakdown is as follows-


  • Purple Belt Absolute: $300
  • Brown Belt Absolute: $400
  • Black Belt Absolute: $500
  • Advanced No-Gi: $300


  • Purple/Brown/Black Belt Absolute: $300
  • Advanced No-Gi: $300

To be eligible for the cash prize, participants must have competed in their weight division prior to Absolute. We hope to see some exciting, high level jiu-jitsu competitors step up for a chance to win!!!

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